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Exam Questions

  • A vector whose magnitude is zero is called a null vector or zero vector
  • The result of multiplication of a real number with null vector is a null vector itself.
  • Null vector have no specific direction
\textbf{Derivation of Maximum Height in Projectile Motion} 1. \textbf{Initial Vertical Velocity:} \[ u = v_0 \] 2. \textbf{Final Vertical Velocity at Maximum Height:} \[ v = 0 \] 3. \textbf{Equation of Motion (Vertical Direction):} \[ v^2 = u^2 - 2gH \] 4. \textbf{Substituting Known Values at Maximum Height:} \[ 0 = u^2 - 2gH_{\text{max}} \] 5. \textbf{Solving for Maximum Height:} \[ H_{\text{max}} = \frac{u^2}{2g} \]

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